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Laserfab uses AutoCAD, SolidWorks and SigmaNEST to program parts at the laser and brake. We can draft parts from samples, prints, sketches, and from AutoCAD/SolidWorks files. We will use the most economical means to make your job ready for fabrication. Your help in this will ensure you receive the most economically priced parts possible. It all starts with complete information. See below for tips.


Tips for submitting a CAD file

- We can accept files from AutoCAD and SolidWorks. These end with a suffix of .dxf, .dwg, .sldprt, .stp, .step and .slddrw.

- Draft with closed contours. If lines do not match up in corners, it may require additional work to clean up the file.

- Avoid ellipses drawn from the ellipse command. These shapes will need to be traced with 3 point arcs before we can program them.

- Avoid the spline command. Splines may not cut as you intend them to. It is always prefered to have 3 point arcs where possible.

- The file may not need to be fully dimensioned, but should show at least one dimension to verify scale. Otherwise 1:1 scale in inches may be assumed.

- If drawing 1:1 and not showing all dimensions, make sure you are drafting features in a way that allows for laser tolerances to be used. In these cases, we may be cutting to the right, to the left, or on the line which may result in slightly different dimensions than you intend.

- Drawing dimensions on a separate layer and not exploding them will guard against delays in programming. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Tips for submitting prints or files for formed parts

- Show the desired finished dimensions rather than a flat pattern only. You need not provide a flat pattern as we have to draft that based on our tooling anyway.

- List critical tolerances and double check with Laserfab sales if you feel there may be a concern about our ability to achieve them.


For technical assistance regarding programming, you can contact our lead programmer, Rick Schroll, by calling the main office or emailing him at

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Because of the nature of our business and the many great customers we serve, we can get very busy moment-to-moment. It is not necessary, but if you have the ability to call ahead and give us some notice, we will be in a better position to devote some undivided attention for you.

We are excited to meet you and exceed your expectations.