Laser Cutting Department

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Laserfab currently has seven lasers with power output of up to 4500 Watts. Four of them are equiped with automated loaders and unloaders for high volume efficiency and unattended operation on off shifts. A tower automation system allows for longer unattended operation and more efficient handling of materials.

Different nozzles, assist gasses, and cutting parameters within the controller allow us to process a wide range of material types and thicknesses. We use either oxygen, nitrogen, or argon as an assist gas depending on the material we are cutting. Each variable has a critical role in the quality of the cut.

Materials Processed with Lasers

0.020" Minimum Thickness (approx 0.50 mm)
1.000" Maximum Thickness (approx 25 mm)

0.020" Minimum Thickness (approx 0.50 mm)
0.375 " Maximum Thickness (approx 9.5 mm)

0.020" Minimum Thickness (approx 0.50 mm)
0.375 " Maximum Thickness (approx 9.5 mm)

Table size

60" x 120" (approx 1.52 m x 3.04 m)

Moses Lake
72" x 144" (approx 1.83 m x 3.65 m)

60" x 120" (approx 1.52 m x 3.04m)

  • Tolerances

    Every job is unique and we prefer to see the application before making claims about what can be achieved. However, the lasers are capable of maintaining tolerances of +/-0.005" consistently on some materials when set up for it. The thicker the material the looser the tolerance capabilities are. For general purposes where additional set up is not performed, we should expect to achieve a tolerance of +/-0.015" on a medium thickness. Please contact us if you have a tighter tolerance application and would like more specific information.


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