About Vote Armor

Vote Armor is a product and trademark of Laserfab Inc.

Vote Armor began...

...in early 2010 when Laserfab responded to a bid solicitation from the Elections Department of Pierce County, WA.

The request was to design a high security ballot drop box which met guidlines for elections all while being price competitive. Laserfab submitted a winning bid.

Then we got down to serious business. Pierce County worked hand-in-hand with Laserfab to tailor the box to meet the specific needs of the Elections Department. As challenges were presented Laserfab responded with solutions which evolved and refined to what you see today.

Happy with their product, Pierce County encouraged Laserfab to make the drop box a standard product to share with other counties. With that drive and confidence Laserfab ventured into production of Vote Armor as a product line.

Without Pierce County and its uncompromising team of professionals, Vote Armor would not exist today. We are grateful for their business building enthusiasm and are proud to serve with them with the Vote Armor nameplate.


Vote Armor (Laserfab Inc)
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How is Vote Armor made?

Since Laserfab is a full metal fabrication company, nearly all of the Vote Armor unit is produced in house.

The components are mostly produced from steel plate which we cut on a 4000 Watt CNC controlled laser cutting machine. The table will accept a plate of material. An operator will pull a program from our server and load it into the controller. Since the parts have all been pre-programmed in a nest using high power nesting software to maximize material usage, very little waste is produced during cutting.







Once parts are finished cutting, they are carefully gound by hand to remove sharp edges. This is one of the requirements to meet for ADA Compliance.

The parts then move to a weld cell for fit-up. This is where the box really takes shape. During the laser process, some of the components received slots while others received tabs which interlock with each other, thus speeding up the process while ensuring dimensional uniformity. After an inspection, the boxes are fully welded to make the box strong and weather proof at the seams.

After welding, sanding, and additional cleanup the unit makes its way to a coater. It is at this outside source Vote Armor boxes receive their high gloss coat of white paint.







Whe it arrives back at Laserfab, the legs, slot assemblies and doors are fastened to the main body. After a review for function and quality, locks are installed and the unit is sealed for delivery.