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How is it made?

Vote Armor is made using high tech fabrication equipment at Laserfab Inc. The CNC controlled laser cutters and forming machinery provide highly accurate parts efficiently. These parts are the foundation for a secure and attractive ballot collection box. Click on the link to learn more about the process of building a Vote Armor unit. and more

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  • Safety and ADA Compliance - Separate walk-up & drive-up deposit points keep voters out of traffic

    - Deposit slot height and one handed operation is accessible for voters of all ability

    - No sharp corners

    - Slanted back forces ballots towards doors and reduces strain for ballot retrieval teams
  • Security- Constructed from a minimum of 3/16" steel & up to 1/2" thick steel

    - Lock body is never exposed outside the box thereby protecting against tampering

    - No grip points for forced entry

    - Flushand below flush locks and doors resist impact and prying

    - All points of entry will only stay shut when doors are securely locked, preventing unsecured unattended units.

    - Surface mount or cast mount legs available for optimal security based on location

    - Lock options available

  • NIGP CODE 57835- NIGP Class for Election Equipment and Supplies, Non-electric


Vote Armor News

17Jul 2014

Production begins on Vote Armor Model 5038
Vote Armor Model 5038 is available for order. Details and diagrams to be publised soon. Inquire by phone or email for more information.

31Jun 2014

Vote Armor finishes prototype of newest product
Vote Armor Model 5038 promises greater security and capacity. Production scheduled to begin shortly after customer approval.

01Jan 2014

Vote Armor sees significant growth in WA, OR, and CO
Orders are ramping up, and Vote Armor is building even faster to meet the demand. New products are in the works to meet the ever increasing needs of the Election workers and the communities they serve.

Vote Armor recognizes Pierce County Elections/
Pierce County Economic Development Board

The Pierce County Elections Officials and the Pierce County Economic Development Board have both been perfect partners for Vote Armor. Kevin Klegg of the Pierce County Economic Development Board worked with Laserfab to get us involved with a project for which Pierce County Elections was soliciting bids. At the end of the bidding process, Laserfab was awarded a contract with Pierce County Elections for what has become a product line of Laserfab. The Vote Armor product line was not only conceived through this bid, but it was refined through the partnership between Laserfab and the Pierce County Election Division. Without these partnerships, Vote Armor would not exist;and for that, we thank our partners in Pierce County. Thank you for supporting local business and specifically the team at Laserfab.


Puyallup Division
5406 184th St E, Suite D
Puyallup, WA 98375

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