Laser Cutting

Thicknesses from 0.020" to 1.0"

Our 7 lasers range from 4000-4500 Watt which cut the widest range of thicknesses. They process from 0.020" thick shim stock to 1.00" thick steel plate. Maximum thickness on stainless and aluminum is 3/8" thick.[Learn more]


Tapping, Countersinking, Reaming, etc.

Our manual mills and flexarm tapping system is a fast, no hassle, and a versatile solution to jobs which require that little extra processing to be called complete. Our machining department allows Laserfab to go the extra mile making us a one stop shop.[Learn more]

Brake Forming

80 tons to 500 tons and 14 ft long

We have 6 brake presses which range in size and versatility through the use of various punch and die sets. [Learn more]


AutoCAD and SigmaNEST

Not all programming is the same. We optimize our laser's performance through thoughtful tool paths and we increase our material yield by nesting parts with powerful software. We can draft parts from your prints or we can accept files from AutoCAD, which makes for faster processing. [Learn more]


MIG and TIG welding

The knowledge in our weld department comes from vast experience only time can bring. From industrial to ornamental, we maintain a high level of quality. [Learn more]


HR / AR & AP / Mgmt

Our friendly office staff is here for you. Follow the link to job postings & an application, vendor & customer forms, and other resources. [Learn more]